Climate Change and balance.

One of the most predominant sayings in the realm of climate change is, “Climate change equals rising sea levels.” There are so many articles to chose from with differing ideas on why this is so, but some of the prevalent “news” stories claim rising sea levels are caused by melting glaciers which are melting because of rising temperatures caused by increased CO2 levels caused by man-made pollution. Have you followed this so far, maybe I should insert a flow chart? (That was sarcasm.) With a statement like, “Melting glaciers are causing sea levels to rise,” I would argue that basing a cause on one variable is not good science, especially given that the Earth has a complicated network of checks and balances to keep nature “working.” Take, for example, salinity in the ocean, salinity in the ocean may increase in some areas while decreasing in others, but it is designed to be in flux by its nature; evaporation and the flow of water from melting glaciers and the flow of fresh water into the ocean from tributaries all contribute to constant change. We take climate change as bad, but historically the climate has changed throughout the Earth’s history. How do we know the climate changing now is bad? Perhaps, it is the earth’s way of keeping things in balance.

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