Attitudes in America

We hear commentary from so many in America about the funeral of one of America’s past Presidents, George H.W. Bush, one has to wonder what is truly important to some Americans. A former United States Presidents funeral should be observed with respect. It should not become a free for all for American’s to critic those in attendance and micro analyze everyone’s mannerisms and behaviors. The focus should be on taking a moment to reflect on the service that our previous President gave to his country. To offer sympathy to the grieving family for their loss. Not all Americans may mourn the passing of George H.W. Bush and that is okay as. It is not okay to take the opportunity of a Presidents passing to push an agenda or tie this to a means to embarrass or criticize others. Be more than a moment be an American and respect the sacrifices George H.W. Bush and all other Presidents make to serve this great country we call home, America! As an American you do not have to love every President but as an American we should all respect the office.

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