America’s House Party

So, you oppose the southern border wall for the US. Do you have a front door to your house? Do you keep it locked? Why? To keep your family safe, to protect your belongings and property. Therefore, those that want the border wall subscribe to that same logic just on a larger scale. So often this desire is described as racist or xenophobic, it is nothing of the sort. Wanting the border secure is akin to making sure that you know who is in your house. Currently the US is like the house party the kids decided to throw while their parents are out of town. At first it is okay that people are just walking in, but those people invite their friends who then invite their friends and before long the house is filled with people no one knows. The party host has now lost control and can no longer keep anyone out. Subsequently, what happens next has been written time and time again. Well America’s house party has almost reached that tipping point. Wanting to know who is in your house is not xenophobic it is being responsible. Protecting those who own the house and those whom are invited guests. Those who oppose the wall are those behaving hypocritically. ( for more hypocrisy about the wall read The Border blog) How is it socially acceptable to scan and search persons entering a museum or government building but fight to stay ignorant as to who is entering the US through its borders. That is not a consistent or logical argument. There is nothing morally wrong or xenophobic with the US having a front door and insisting that its visitors use it.

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