America: Living in Fear

So many Americans are now living in fear. What many Americans need to do is tune out the mass media. Stop absorbing the sensationalized stories about Covid-19. Do not just read an article and accept it as factual, as many articles in the news are not honest and omit very relevant pieces of information. It is time to take your life back and it is hard to do with fear in the driver’s seat. Americans need to look at the entire situation and make some serious adjustments to living. For those in the media telling people they are killing people, I take offense. A virus is killing people, viruses have killed people from the beginning of time.  The flu is a virus do we attack other people for the approximately ½ million people that die each year in the world from the flu. No, there is no finger-pointing there. Is there a pandemic? Absolutely!  The issue is not the people it is the virus. America is being subjugated by many do-gooders on the most horrific scale of hypocrisy ever witnessed in history. Things need to be put back in perspective. This is America and we have the God-given right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Many Americans are under the impression that staying in isolation will prevent them from actually getting the virus. The purpose of the isolation was to slow the spread to allow limited resources to be utilized for patients requiring critical care. The stay at home orders were originally about not enough health care resources for those who become critically ill from Covid-19. The world’s economies are being brought to a halt because of a lack of supplies. If this act of shutting down economies continues, there will be even more shortages of needed supplies in the long term.  Flattening the curve is solely being implemented with the idea that doing so will allow more resources to be available, thus, allowing more lives to be saved. Shutting down the economy to ensure there will be adequate health care with the flattening of the curve does not equal guaranteed health care equipment. Someone still must work producing then shipping that equipment.

Socialized medicine would not have avoided this scenario. Promoting that socialized medicine could have dealt with this pandemic better is wrong. Every type of healthcare system is struggling with this pandemic in one manner or another. In America, we have many regulations that were part of the issue with a quick response to the pandemic. Fortunately, there was the ability of the President to halt/bypass or put on hold some of those restrictions to allow a faster and more efficient response to this pandemic. The biggest issue faced by all healthcare systems was the projected lack of equipment and hospital beds to handle the influx of patients. Moving forward, the healthcare industry or governments should proactively have a plan in place for the future. Having essential equipment for a national health emergency would seem like an actual responsibility of the government. Hospitals should have emergency protocols in place with a plan on how to double or triple capacity if needed with different scenarios. Hospitals typically run close to capacity during normal operation. It is an efficient business model but not an efficient healthcare model. Reconciling those 2 models to accomplish the desired balance is a task that should be taken on after the Covid-19 crisis is addressed. Addressing this balance is best done by the hospitals themselves after being given the emergency scenarios to be prepared to handle.

Long term shutting down of the world economies will have many unanticipated repercussions. Globalization is the supply chain’s biggest flaw and it is being illuminated in the world. When only one or two countries supply the world with any item that becomes in mass demand in a life or death situation, problems emerge with availability. We hear so much about diversity within our workplace, yet we have isolated manufacturing to certain countries for the world. The United States must return critical manufacturing of a percentage of medical needs to within its borders. In a situation like the one the United States is facing with COVID-19, having that manufacturing already in place would have increased the ease and quickness that the country could respond in real-time to any potential emergency with in the country.

Will you end up getting Covid-19? That is anyone’s guess but being in isolation is no guarantee that you won’t. This is a new virus and the world is still learning about how this virus functions. What happens when all these states mandated stay at home orders and social distancing ends? Magically we will all be immune? No, really, what next? How long are states going to mandate people to stay home and businesses remain closed? Staying at home is not preventing us from getting sick it is delaying some of us getting sick. Is it reasonable to expect everyone in the United States to stay home (okay not all States were/are being forced to stay at home, but a majority have) until a vaccine is available?  That could be as long as a year to a year and a half. The problem with this plan of stay at home is there is no exit plan. What is known is the majority of Americans who get the virus will live. Why is no one mentioning that?

Which brings us back to the beginning. Americans are living in fear. In fear of what? A virus that most will survive from if they catch it. Americans are being told that they must shelter in place/stay at home to save lives, but at what cost? Our Governors and the media have traumatized most Americans. They have accused Americans of killing their families and friends because they have not just stayed in their homes. The media then promotes and propagates stories about the pandemic to reinforce Americans’ fear. The media always centers the stories around one individual’s death from Coronavirus without any regard for the many more who have survived and those affected by the economic shutdown. Where are the survival and recovery celebrations? What about the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs or have been denied the care they need because the government deems it unessential? Nope, sorry, very hard to find those stories. I don’t know about you, but I live with my family. I also know that I have family members being damaged by this stay at home order. Several are now on hold for their existing medical issues to be addressed because their diagnosis and treatments are considered nonessential. Quality of life versus quantity of life is seriously being put to the test. Guess which one our state Governors have chosen for us: quantity. It’s not up to a government entity to make that decision for any free American.

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