America Defeated

America is a country of hope, but today it is a country defeated. Elections are becoming more polarized and many are not willing to accept whatever are the end results. Unless Americans learn to respect the process and rules of the election the country will remain defeated. Americans may not like whom the majority elect in their County or State but that is the process. Voting is designed to represent the voice of the community and that may not coincide with your voice. The participation trophy is the sticker not the elector you voted for. It is time that Americans realize this and accept the results and move on. That is a fundamental responsibility of being an American. Unless Americans accept the election process, America will remain defeated. Accepting an election result is not accepting defeat it is accepting hope. Hope that those elected will do what is best for the country (read a previous Blog of mine: The Growing Pains of America) but more than that hope that the next election your chosen electors will win. The election is done it is time to move on. Accepting doesn’t mean embrace it. Accepting also does not mean ignoring any election irregularities. What it does mean is getting on with your life and not punishing those around you because you do not like the results. Punishing those around you will not change the results of the election. As politics become more polarizing it is up to everyday Americans to choose hope not defeat. There can only ever be one winner. America can make sure that that winner is America.

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