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Maria’s Blog will add depth to your understanding of items in the news interpreted by your average American. No agenda no fluff and no muss! Not totally up to date on politics or don’t want to be but want the news simplified to a digestible amount? Then I got you covered! Love politics and live it every day, this blog will add some perspective to keep in mind when thinking about current events impact on Americans. The posts will recap items in the current news headlines with a simple summary void of drama and emotional manipulation, as News was meant to be shared so the reader can decide. As a writer for over 30 years I have a passion for putting everything on paper. (Lol not so much on paper now a days but the concept remains the same) I offer readers a unique perspective on the reality of what is happening in America by removing the colored lenses often applied to the news for mass consumption. I enjoy reading and reading and well did I mention reading. 😊 I am not an expert in any given area or specialty, well except maybe poetry but that is not exactly a high demand profession. In my spare time I enjoy playing with Web Design and Marketing. I volunteer in my community in several capacities and enjoy giving back to where I live to maintain such a wonderful place to live for all who reside there. So enjoy what you read and follow me on FB at Maria Ecrivain and on Twitter @M.E. Speaks. Stay informed and keep it real! -M.E.

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